• Starts at 129USD only* (50% savings compared to current market price) 
    • inspection happens at early production stage to catch quality issues before it's too late
    •  fast feedback with clear report same day as inspection
    • Free quality follow up with factory for products reworking if necessary ( you don't need to do it, we take care of it)
    • Only 99USD if re inspection required (if issues found during 1st inspection) or for pre shipment inspection

  • The 3 missions that shape

    our quality inspection service

    Provide the best quality inspection service in China at the lowest price

    We understand that paying for quality inspection is a cost you would rather save . We see that currently quality inspection companies in China charge too much. That is why we decided to cut in half the inspection price in China, to help China products importers get rid as much as possible of that extra cost.

    Most of China inspections companies ask for 250USD or more per inspection, Our service starts at only a fraction of it, at 129USD only, making quality inspection service affordable for any buyer worldwide

    Provide a quality inspection service that prevents and solves issues

    Standard pre shipment inspections are not preventing or solving anything for customer. They happen too late & problems are already there.Except pointing out issues there is nothing the customer can do to avoid shipment delay or extra cost.

    Our service method solves this flaw & provide to customer a service that prevents big quality issues by happening soon in the production process + an inspection follow up service that consists to discuss with factory to get those issues solved right at the start

    Provide a service that protects customer from order start to shipment

    Looking at most China QC companies way of delivering quality inspections, there's a big flaw that make their service very little useful for worldwide buyers. Their service consists of a one day inspection and a report, period. it starts and end on the same day , late in the order process.

    We deliver a highly useful service that starts right at the beginning of the production, continues with the inspection follow up , and to give you more peace of mind we offer a pre shipment re inspection at the cheapest cost in China.

  • How It Works


    Booking & Payment in 15 minutes


    Fill out the QC instructions form with important checkpoints (See booking section) & send to us by Email. Make payment (instructions in the form)


    Inspection scheduling & Performance

    We check instructions and contact factory. Inspection date is arranged & inspection is performed at the early stage of production


    Report delivery


    The day of the inspection we send you our detailed report. It is delivered in your dedicated company online portal


    Customer report review


    You check the report and mention in it what you can accept and what needs to be reworked by factory. You send back to us the reviewed report


    Follow up with factory & Quality rework

    We inform factory about the checkpoints that did not pass the inspection, and check with them their reworking plan


    Pre shipment Re inspection


    This is optional. If you want to make sure factory reworked according to your report review instructions, we can arrange that 2nd inspection


    See what sets us apart from the others

    Our inspection price starts at 129USD *


    You save up to 50% QC cost booking inspection with us

    Other China inspection companies charge 250USD and up

    Other companies charge you far too much

    Our Inspection happens early during production, allowing quality improvement without extra cost or shipment delay

    Preventive quality inspection service that works

    Other China inspection companies usually provide pre shipment inspection, when it is too late to solve issues


    Damage finder only. Quality issues solving will cost time and money

    If quality issues are found during early inspection, we communicate for you with factory to get them reworked or repaired

    You get a free quality corrective actions follow up service

    Other China inspection companies send you the report and let you figure out by yourself what to do next

    Basic quality inspection service, no extra value and follow up

    We deliver our report the same day as the inspection, with no extra cost, so you don't waste any time


    Very fast feedback so that you can make prompt decisions

    Other China inspection companies usually provide report the next day, or the same day with an extra charge on top of inspection price

    Slow report feedback, or another reason to charge you more

    We provide a clear 12 pages max report about workmanship, functionality, packing method and overall product outlook. Every checkpoints focus on your important quality checkpoints

    Very fast to read and review, with all the information you need to make fast decision. It saves you a lot of time

    Other China inspection companies usually provide a standard and oftentimes too long 30 to 50 pages making it difficult for you to find in it what is important for you


    very long to review so you waste a lot of time, hard to find by yourself the relevant info you really care about in all those datas

    Only 99USD for pre shipment re inspection if you wanna make sure everything is fine before shipping


    We provide 2 inspections for the price of 1 !

    Other China inspection companies charge you again 250USD (on top of the 250USD they charged you for the 1st inspection, that's a total cost of 500USD!!!)


  • Inspection service pricing

    Choose the best option for your business


    Production start inspection of 50pcs


    Production start inspection of 100pcs


    Combo production start inspection + pre shipment inspection

    That is a 2 inspections service , each inspection we check randomly 50pcs



    Combo production start inspection + pre shipment inspection

    That is a 2 inspections service , during production start inspection we check randomly 100pcs & for pre shipment we check 50pcs

    See what a real inspection report look like

    Click on below button to check a report sample

  • Book Inspection Now!

    1. Click on below button to download the booking form
    2. Fill out the form according to our instructions
    3. Make Payment (payment instructions also in booking form)
    4. Send both completed booking form and payment proof to lilian@amazingvdoqc.com

  • About Amazing Quality Control Ltd

    Amazing quality control is a professional third party quality control company with social headquarter incorporated in Hong Kong and operational headquarter located in Guangzhou city, mainland China. We currently have operations in 6 countries : China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand , Myanmar & Bangladesh

    AQC is owned and managed by Mr Lilian Gillet, a french citizen that has been living and doing business for 23 years in China. Lilian is still involved in the daily customer service and daily operations follow up, looking at every customer booking and report. This means our inspections service is design by westerner for westerner, and our service is performed with the eyes and mind of westerners. We know what you need and expect in China & Asia

    Amazing Quality Control was registered in October 2013, after our european owner decided to use 10 years of trading business in multiple products and industries in China and use that rich China business experience to provide a quality inspection service design for foreign buyers needs

  • Contact Us & ask your questions

    Don't be afraid to reach out. We're are happy to answer your questions

    Fuli Yingfeng Building, Room 2629
    No2 Huaqiang road,Tianhe district,
    510630 Guangzhou City,P.R.China
    +86 13609055090
Terms & Conditions
1.	General

1.1	Unless otherwise specifically and expressly agreed in writing by Amazing Video Quality Control Services Limited (hereinafter called "AVQC"), all services provided by Amazing Video Quality Control Services Limited are governed by the following general conditions of service, which prevail any purchase terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this Terms of Use Agreement each time you view and use the Website.

1.2	Services carried out by AVQC, on behalf of an entity or individual from whom the instructions to act have originated (hereinafter called the "Principal") will be carried out by using techniques and processes that permit an independent, impartial and objective approach. The end result of the Service will consist in a written and visual document (hereinafter called the "Report") communicating the collection of information AVQC has been requested to supply and will be delivered as a fax, a written document or an online report.

1.3	No other party than the Principal shall be entitled to give instructions to AVQC, particularly on the scope of inspection or delivery of Report, unless so authorized by the Principal.

2.	Provision of services

2.1	AVQC in the capacity of an independent third party, supplies information in the form of ascertainment or recommendations for the special purpose of contributing to the prevention of the risks to which the beneficiaries of its services are exposed, and of helping them assure the quality of their products. AVQC's services (hereinafter called the "Services") consist of work performed by AVQC, including but not limited to :

•	audit of factories ;
•	production start inspections and quality control of the products ;
•	During production inspections and quality control
•	pre-shipment inspections and quality control ;
•	If the Principal needs it and entitle AVQC to do it, Full Quality control Order Follow Up and Communication with Principal’s China Supplier after the order has been placed to the China supplier

3.	AVQC's obligations and undertakings
3.1	AVQC expressly reserves the right to act at its own discretion in accepting or declining a request for service, and cannot be compelled to accept or be held liable for declining a request for services or for products:

•	Falling out of its scope of activity or specialisation ;
•	Presenting geographical accessibility problems, such as services to be rendered or products to be found in restricted or highly remote areas ;
•	Requiring AVQC to obtain special permissions to operate such as governmental permissions.

3.2	AVQC undertakes to supply the Services it has accepted to carry out in a professional and timely manner, in accordance with proper professional practice and in compliance with :

•	The Principal's instructions when ordering the Service -, and in the absence of such instructions:
•	Any relevant professional standard, trade custom, usage or practice ;
•	Such methods as AVQC shall consider appropriate on technical, operational and/or financial grounds.

3.3	AVQC shall exercise due care and skill in the selection and assignment of its personnel.

4.	Principal's obligations and undertakings

4.1	To take all reasonable steps to assure AVQC has access to the site and materials on which Service will be based;

4.2	To provide AVQC with all information and samples, as well as the documents necessary to complete requested Service, in a timely manner (and in any event not later than 48 hours prior to the desired intervention),except for generally available documents such as codes and standards, either directly or through suppliers or agents of the Principal ;

4.3	To insure that adequate instructions and notice are given to AVQC in due time to facilitate proper performance for the Service requested;

4.4	To advise AVQC of the date on which the Services are to commence, or to be resumed, and also of essential dates affecting the item(s) for which Services are being rendered;

4.5	Generally to render all reasonable assistance to AVQC in providing necessary instructions, information, documents, safety and security information in connection with the working conditions, required equipment and access (as the case may be).

4.6	Documents reflecting engagements between the Principal and third parties or third parties' documents - if received by AVQC - are considered to be for information only and do not extend or restrict the scope of the services or obligations accepted by AVQC.
5.	Invoicing, fees and payment

5.1	Payment

Payment is expected online upon booking and prior to the performance of the Service. Should payment occur after the performance of the Service (or more than 24 hours after booking for Testing), an extra 5% charge will be added to the order pricing (same policy for online and offline payments).

AVQC offers 2 payment solutions

•	Online payment: AVQC uses Paypal as online payment solution. Orders settled online are subject to payment of Paypal payment processing fees (see Paypal conditions
on www.paypal.com).
•	Offline payment: Invoices can be settled offline by bank transfer (T/T) or by Western Union. All the bank charges should be beared and paid by Principle. Otherwise they’ll be added to Principle’s next payment

5.2	Cancellation charges : we accept cancellation of booked services upon notice of the Principal 48 hours before the projected Inspection date. After this limit, the Services booked will be charged in full.

Moreover, in the case that no cancellation or reschedule of service has been notified to AVQC, by Principal or Principal China supplier, if AVQC arrives at inspection location and goods status does not allow AVQC inspector to perform inspection, the Services booked will still be charged in full.

In the case of an Order paid online and cancelled, AVQC will credit the buyer's Credit Card account with Paypal Refund solution.

In the case of an order paid by above mentioned offline solution, AVQC will refund the money on Principal designated company account, by bank T/T transfer. The possible bank charges invoiced by both AVQC and Principal’s banks will be beared in full by Principle.

For Laboratory Testing (LT) orders, cancellation is not possible once payment has been made..

6.	Liability and indemnification

6.1	Limitation of liability

6.1.1	AVQC is neither an insurer nor a guarantor and disclaims such capacity. Clients seeking a guarantee against loss or damage should obtain appropriate insurance.

6.1.2	Subject to the Principal's instructions as accepted by AVQC (as specified in the terms of reference), AVQC will issue the Report relating to the facts as recorded by it within the limits of
the instructions received and on the basis of the documents and information provided by the Principal (refer to #4 above), but AVQC is under no obligation to report upon any facts or circumstances which are outside the specific scope of its assignment.

6.1.3	AVQC advice is given only in relation to documents and information provided by the Principal, and AVQC cannot be held liable if it has received incomplete or erroneous information.

6.1.4	In the event of false information being given to AVQC by a third party, AVQC accepts no liability.

6.1.5	AVQC undertakes to use its best efforts and to exercise due care and skill in the performance of its Services. and accepts liability only in case of negligence proven by the Principal. Nevertheless, AVQC is not the manufacturer or supplier of the goods sold to the Principal, and in case quality problems are found upon arrival of the goods in Principal’s country, AVQC accepts no liability, because AVQC can not control what happens to the goods after the our inspections take place. If the Principal finds goods quality issues not mention in
the Report provided by AVQC when goods arrive in Principal’s country, the principle should complain only to either his direct China supplier or transportation company.

6.2 Indemnification

6.2.1 As mentioned above in 6.1.5, AVQC is not the direct goods supplier or goods handler
of the Principal in China, and so AVQC can not be found responsible of any liability that would lead to the Principal’s financial loss due to quality problems or any other problems linked to Principal’s commercial agreement with his China direct goods supplier. This means that the Principal, when booking a service to AVQC, acknowledges that AVQC is only a third party quality control agent and can not be taken responsible for any quality problems found in the goods after the quality control service has been performed by AVQC, and so will never have to provide indemnification to the Principal

7.	Termination of services

AVQC shall be entitled to automatically either terminate and/or suspend provision of services in the event that :

7.1	The Principal commits any material breach of its obligations under these terms and conditions and/or the terms of reference and (if such breach shall be capable of remedy) fails to make good such breach within ten (10) days of receipt of notice served by the
Non-Defaulting Party (AVQC) requiring it so to do. Material breaches include, without limitation any willful and deliberate breach by the Principal of its obligations under clause 4 hereabove;

7.2	The principal is insolvent or unable to pay its debts, in suspension of payments, or convenes a meeting of or compounds with its creditors or has a receiving order made against it
or (other than for the purposes of bona fide amalgamation or reconstruction) has an order made or a resolution passed for its winding up or for the appointment of an administrator to manage its affairs, business and property or has a receiver or administrative receiver appointed over any of its assets or undertaking or if AVQC takes or suffers any similar or analogous action in consequence of debt.

8.	Miscellaneous

8.1	The Report will reflect findings of the Service at the time and place of Service. This Report does not discharge sellers and suppliers from their legal and/or commercial obligations towards the principle.

9.	Applicable and Governing law, Jurisdiction and settlement of dispute

9.1	Unless otherwise provided, these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Hong Kong Law.

9.2	All disputes or differences of any kind whatsoever between the parties in connection with or arising out of the services shall be submitted to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.

10.	Language

These terms and conditions have been drafted in English. In case of discrepancy, the English version shall be controlling for all purposes
Privacy Policy
1.	In order to provide our clients the highest level of service, we often require them to provide us confidential information including, but not limited to: purchase orders, product specifications and engineering data, product manufacturing process data, existing supplier contracts, and factory contact information. In all business dealings we strive to keep this information completely confidential and will not release it except when its release is integral to completing our job.

2.	Any information provided by our website visitors and clients will be held confidentially by Amazing Video Quality Control Services Limited and will not be sold to any other person, organization or business.

3.	Any information provided by our website visitors and clients will not be released outside of Amazing Video Quality Control Services Limited’s own organization except as required by law.